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  • Restaurant & Bar

  • Feeling Hungry? Want to try something new?

    Our restaurant specializes in Crocodile Meat. Crocodile meat is a popular exotic meat delicacy in many parts of worlds, with a endless list of it's benefits to the body, including the heart, lungs, blood circulation, libido and a cure for various chronic illnesses!
    Click on this link to learn more about the benefits of crocodile meat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhm8kPCyMSk

    Our gourmet crocodile meals include Mamba Skewers, Fillet Steak, Mamba Bisque Soup. Aside from Crocodile Meat, other gourmet meals are available for selection on the menu. Visit and compare the taste and flavour of crocodile meat with others meat options such as Beef, Chicken or Fish.

    Cold Beverages & Wide selection of Beers, Liquors & Spirits also available at our bar.

    Mamba Village Centre limited is located in the upmarket Nyali area and is a popular tourist attraction for both resident and non residents.

    An awesome tourist attraction that combines wildlife farming, conservation and environment friendly quarry. This is where you will view a good selection of the most interesting members of the animal kingdom in their natural habitat.

  • Crocodile farm

  • Welcome to visit the crocodile farm and view our big family of crocodiles in their natural habitat. Crocodiles of all ages from Hatchlings to BIG DADDY size.

    BIG DADDY is the oldest and biggest crocodile in the farm. He was transferred to the farm from Tana River in 1986. Measuring 5 metres long and weighing more than 950kg, with more than one hundred years old.

    Before his transfer to Mamba Village, Big daddy had feasted on five human beings!

    Now living in a comfortable pond with his two lovely wives, he loves to bask in the sun during the day while enjoying the warm temperature of the coastal sun. Many of their kids are also available for you touch and hold onto for some exciting and memorable photo sessions
    Make a date with us every Friday @ 5pm & see Big Daddy and his family being fed .

  • Snake Park
  • Our snake park features a wide range of local serpents species, ranging from non-poisonous, to venomous spitters and bone constrictors, visit the park and get a chance to take a picture with holding an exotic snake of your choosing, non-poisonous of course !

  • Apartment Rooms
  • Looking a serene & secluded environment in the city to enjoy your vacation ? Fully serviced studio apartment rooms available for accommodation

  • Event Hosting & Catering
  • Planning a Conference ? Throwing a B-Day Party ? How about a Wedding ? Book with us and have access to natural & scenic event grounds, We offer catering services with qualified chefs/staff & cutlery, with a variety of cuisine options for your selection. Rentals services & other amenities available upon request.

Don't miss the spectacular feeding time at 5PM!!